Vera Cruz Farm Kennel -- Why A Yorkie?

  They Are Non-Shedding
For anyone with any kind of allergy to pet hair and dander, Yorkshire Terriers are great! They do not shed as much as other breeds, and have been recommended many times in the past to people who couldn't have a dog, due to severe allergies (of course, you should check with your Allergist, just to be absolutely certain).

  They Have Wonderful Temperaments
Like most of the "Toy" breeds, Yorkshire Terriers have the loving, wonderful temperaments that make them popular all around the world.

  They Stay Small
Let's face it -- not everyone is looking for a Saint Bernard or Newfoundland. Many people prefer a smaller dog, for easy care and grooming, and for traveling companionship.

  They Are Loyal Lap-Dogs
Come the end of a long day, you come home, sit on the couch or your favorite easy chair, and there is nothing better than a friend, who will sit on your lap, and give it all a different perspective. There's nothing like a Yorkshire Terrier to put the cares of the day in their place.

  They Are Very Intelligent
Whether obedience training or showing, Yorksire Terriers love to please you, and demonstrate that by learning their lessons quickly.

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