Vera Cruz Yorkies -- Our Champions

CH. Durrer's Just For Kicks CH. Durrer's Copyright At Barker A/C CH. Durrer's Impressive A/C/FR. CH. Lamplighter's Fonzi CH. Lamplighter's Yankee Doodle
CH. Kesar's Goldie Hawn
A/C CH. Durrer's Good Impression A/C CH. Durrer's Goody Goody
CAN. CH. Durrer's Royal Crystal
Caldwell's Golden Flame A/C CH. Durrer's Ace High A/C CH. Rothby's Renee'Gade
CH. Durrer's Regalia
Durrer's Busy Lil Angel A/C CH. Lordean's Electric Angel
Can. CH. Durrer's Risky-Business
CH. Durrer's Tuned For Glory A/C Ch. Rothby's Renee'Gade CH. Jentres Charger of Mistangay A/C CH. Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle
Jentres Robina
CH. Rothby's Reflection CH. Zerox The Midas Touch
CH. Rothby's Radiance Royale
Can. CH. Durrer's Whistle A Tune A/C CH. Durrer's Tin Whistle A/C CH. Lavally Mooncoyne Bobby
Can. CH. Mardonlyn'c Dancer A Go Go
Durrer's Sophisticated Devil A/C CH Montclair The Devil Himself
Can. CH. Montclair Social Butterfly
Khon Nors Tea For Too Khon Nors Windy Barbarella's Blue Magic Barbarella's Mister Showman CH. Lordean's The Silk Showman
De Ambers Debrah Ann
Mystic's Mistee Magic of Dap CH. Silk N Satin Dapper Debonair
Mystic's Magic Mistee-Blu
Barbarella's Pennys From Heaven Checkmates Man-O-War Checkmates Beau Nansa
Crystar's Starburst
Sabier's Penny Annte CH. Trishshires Thyme In A Bottle
Kristies English Precious
Khon Nors Red Rose Khon Nors Lil Finnagen Elk Creek's Corkyson O' Trivar's CH. Trivar's Bulls Eye O'Broomhill
Elk Creek's Magic I'm A Big Girl
Elk Creek's Magic I'm The One Mill-C's Magic Moment Maker
Elk Creek's Star of Pokey
Khon Nors Cup Of Tea Kaacey's Kookie Kutter CH. Kaacey's Oreo Double Stuff
Kaacey's Blue Orchid of J-Lo's
Khon Nors English Muffin Khon Nors Apple Critter
Jo'von Sweetheart Khon Nors

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